The permanent host of the works of R.J. Stefanski, an experimental dark ambient musician from Detroit, MI. Self released nearly 20 continuous mix tapes featuring the best of both contemporary and classic experimental music, with a focus on ambient and indie electronic genres. I also am an avid field recorder, and you can hear my tapes of rain, trains, and all sorts of found sounds in my mixes. Enjoy and I love hearing feedback! All my works are streaming on soundcloud and some for purchase on bandcamp.

Also, a word on my mixes: only brief samples of songs are used, always being tweaked or adjusted in some way by myself, and always presented in ONE long, continuous track. I am NOT giving away anyone’s music, if you enjoy the sample of an artist in one of my mixes, I urge you to go out and buy the album on vinyl and support the artist. That is the whole reason I am making these!

20th April 2014

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After debuting on soundcloud and bandcamp in limited forms throughout 2013, my full-length album “Hamtramck, Lately” is now available as a free, high-quality WAV download. This download compiles the original 60+ minute album with two bonus, unreleased tracks, as well as original photos and artwork related to the release(click on line below to be directed to mediafire for free download):


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01. On the Riverfront (intro)

02. Belle Isle Beat

03. Stone Pool

04. 4th St. Dog Park

05. People Mover

06. Relaxing Rain and Loud Thunder (album version)

07. Hamtramck Lately

08. Summer Crickets and Cicadas

09. Drowning Butterflies

10. What a Ghastly Thought

11. Houghton Lake Summers

12. one last transmission from deep space

13. Peach Festival From a Distance (bonus)

14. Cedar Pt. Track (bonus)

Any fans of my mixtapes or my field recordings should find something to enjoy within the 12 tracks and 64 minutes of everything from IDM/ambient techno, to pure new age soundscapes, to indie folk pop. Each track has been designed to flow seamlessly into the next, creating a uniquely immersive listening experience. I would think my album would appeal to fans of my biggest influences, experimental acts like Animal Collective, Stars of the Lid, Gas, Boards of Canada, Pink Floyd or Tool. 

Also available for the first time are field recordings “Peach Festival from a Distance” (a soundscape composed of recordings during Romeo, MI’s annual parade and carnival), and “Cedar Pt.” (a 9+ min. recording made on the shores of Lake Erie with roller coasters nearby.

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22nd February 2012

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Mix 10: Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun (A Soundtrack for Space Travel)

In the not so distant future: You are aboard a state-of-the-art space vessel hurtling off into the unknown realms of the universe. The only member of your crew still alive, you are haunted by voices which seem to echo from every dark corner of the craft. More troubling than those, the ship is under constant bombardment from fragments of sonic and audio data being beamed out into space from other ships and planets, remnants of old radio broadcasts perhaps, constantly unfolding into one another so that each small part melds into an ever changing orb of found sound. Suddenly you seem to have found a glimmer of hope in the far reaches of your telescope, the Sun. Its a race against time to try and reach the nearest civilization before the voices, real or imagined, drive you to insanity. So, light your last candles as you preserve vital power resources, dawn your best headphones, and let the speed-of-light voyage wash over you in a thick, psychedelic haze. (Hopefully the Sun’s image is not yet another one of the universe’s many mirages, looping you into a black hole which will bring you right back to where you began). [Download link in title below, enjoy!]

Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun (A Soundtrack for Space Travel) [1:07:51 @256 kpbs]


(intro)Blondes “Moondance” (OPN Sundial Mix) / Boards of Canada “Smokes Quanity” / Pink Floyd “Set the Controls…” / The Present “Space Meadow” / Emeralds “Science Center” / Stars of the Lid “Music for Twin Peaks…” / Animal Collective “What Would I Want? Sky” / Boards of Canada “In a Beautiful Place…” / Mouse on Mars “Chromantic” / Biosphere “Hyperborea” / Gas “Pop #3” / White Rainbow “Major Spillage” / Studio “Life’s a Beach!” / Burial “Ghost Hardware” / Panda Bear “I’m Not” / Aphex Twin “Lichen” / The Orb “Earth (Gaia)” / Boredoms “Newsun #5” / Gang Gang Dance “Dust” / Casino Versus Japan “We Are You” / The Sight Below “Spelentique” / Biosphere “The Things I Tell You” / Telefon Tel Aviv “I Made a Tree on the Wold” / Gas “Zauberberg #7” / City Center “Cloud Center” / (fade return to intro)/

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