The permanent host of the works of R.J. Stefanski, an experimental dark ambient musician from Detroit, MI. Self released nearly 20 continuous mix tapes featuring the best of both contemporary and classic experimental music, with a focus on ambient and indie electronic genres. I also am an avid field recorder, and you can hear my tapes of rain, trains, and all sorts of found sounds in my mixes. Enjoy and I love hearing feedback! All my works are streaming on soundcloud and some for purchase on bandcamp.

Also, a word on my mixes: only brief samples of songs are used, always being tweaked or adjusted in some way by myself, and always presented in ONE long, continuous track. I am NOT giving away anyone’s music, if you enjoy the sample of an artist in one of my mixes, I urge you to go out and buy the album on vinyl and support the artist. That is the whole reason I am making these!

15th March 2013

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mix 13: Buried Reefs (a nature doc soundtrack)

A briefer mix while I finish my debut album, “Buried Reefs” is the latest chapter in my ongoing obsession with ambient and drone music. Taking cues from the Boards of Canada school of warped VHS psychedelia, “Buried Reefs” offers a meditative retreat from the chaos of the holidays, layering twinkling synths and drones over brief field recordings and actual narration from vintage nature doc shorts. I would highly recommend this as part of a playlist with some of my previous ambient/downbeat mixes, perhaps as a buffer between “Mini Anthology of Ambient” and “Set the Controls for the…” 

Artwork above created by me, high quality link in title below:

Buried Reefs: Nature Doc Soundtrack (@320) [28:14]

Intro: Blondes “Amber” (Variation in Cm by Rene Hell) + Bibio “Moistened and Dried” / Deon “#05” / Emeralds “Summerdata” / Lone “Koran Angel” + Boards of Canada “a is to b..” + Bibio “The Clothesline and the Silver Birch” / Jurgen Muller “Sea Bed Meditation” / Atlas Sound “Christmas Synths” / Lone “Buried Coral Banks” / Keith Fullerton Whitman “ACGTR SVP” / Gas “Pop 1” / Stars of the Lid “The Atomium: Part Two” / Oneohtrix Point Never “Stress Waves” / Casino Versus Japan “Blue Vacation Part 5” / Outro: Brian Eno “Lux 2” + Blondes “Amber” (Variation in Cm by Rene Hell) + Bibio “Everglad Everglade” /

If you enjoy the mix please support the artists and buy their work, and spread this mix to your friends. Thanks!

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20th August 2012

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Mix 12: Reach For Your Mind (A Techno / Dub DJ Set feat. the Detroit People Mover)

After a brief period of being streamed on my soundcloud page, my 12th mix is now here for download. What began as a just-for-fun DJ set around this years Detroit Electronic Music Festival slowly evolved into a full fledged project, and again the newest chapter in my ongoing integration of original field recordings into traditional mixtapes. As the title track slowly fades into focus you will hear over 20 separate found sounds being triggered to heighten the tension: frogs, crickets, birds, stormy weather, creepy AM preachers pitched down to satanic growls are all just the tip of the iceberg. As the mix title suggests, sampled AM voices are not the only significant addition to my 12th project, as the sounds of Detroit’s mini mass transit rail, The People Mover, help keep the flow throughout the near hour running time. Part of why I decided to take on the concept of a traditional DJ set was that it would illuminate just how much I can stretch that idea with my field recordings, and add my own spin on the atmosphere of each track. One of my most realized transitions to date arrives early in the duration, as I chop and pitch down the Goldfrapp vocals on “A&E”, freezing them over Andy Stott’s “Submission” with added water effects, all before Gas’ solemn “Zauberberg III” rises from the ocean floor. Hopefully equally suited for both headphone listening or the dancefloor if you’re open minded to what counts as “danceable”, download by clicking the title below and enjoy! (artwork above based on my own photo/art, high quality Mp3 link in title below)

REACH FOR YOUR MIND - (A Found Sound Techno Set feat. Detroit People Mover) @320 kbps 


(FoundSounds intro) / Kaito - Reach for Your Mind / Luomo - Medley Through / Goldfrapp - A&E (Gui Boratto Remix) / Andy Stott - Submission / Gas - Zauberbeg III / Battles - Toddler (Kanding Ray Remix) / Blondes - Water (Bicep Remix) / Efdemin - There Will Be Singing / Pantha du Prince - Butterfly Girl / James Blake - Klavierwerke / Fluxion - Prefuse / Simian Mobile Disco - Put Your Hands Together / Tolga Fidan - Seve / Scuba - Lights Out / Walls - Into Our Midst (Esperanza Remix) / (FoundSounds outro) /also feat. Pariah, Mouse on Mars, Black Dice.

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16th May 2012

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Mix 11: Nothing Happens in April (Spring Biking Mix V7)

Continuing in the mold of my “Very Sunny” EP and “Coasta Paraiso” mixes from last year, my 11th mix is now here and ready for your enjoyment. Picking up on the breezy, sun-drenched disposition of those projects, “Nothing Happens in April” is another immersive listening experience, this time taking the audience through a complete bicycle ride from a bustling urban neighborhood to much more pastoral landscapes. I am continuing to work in my own field recordings in more organic ways, less as a transition tool from track to track and more so a living, breathing component of the project that transports the listener onto a speeding bicycle that’s winding through a forest path. Since this is aimed at being a “work out” mix of sorts, I tried to gradually increase the tempo as the ride progresses, building to the climax of Juan Maclean’s remix of The Tough Alliance and Robert Miles’ remix of Blondes (Blondes are the only artist to appear in mix 11 who have previously showed up on one of my projects, and the remix here is totally different than their original). One difference from last year’s Summer mix is that the music here is much more electronic, and I even rearranged some things so that it can also serve as a mini preview for 2012’s Detroit Movement Festival (with songs from Araabmuzik, Lindstrom, and Actress). This mix features recordings from many actual bike rides I have taken over the last two months, and you will even hear my very own bike as all of its noises were sampled and mixed into the music, as well as some more of my own piano and keyboard playing. I hope its appeal is broader than just for biking, and people will use it for all types of exercise, but mainly I just hope you enjoy it no matter how you listen! (High quality download link in title below).

Nothing Happens in April - Spring Biking Mix V7 [@256 Kbps / 53:23]


(intro) Ulrich Schnauss “Nothing Happens in April” / Ital “Floridian Void” / Com Truise “Air Cal” / Battles “Dominican Fade” / Ford & Lopatin “I Surrender” / Terranova “Paris is for Lovers” / Lindstrom “There’s A Drink in My Room..” / Siriusmo “Goldene Kugel” /  Zomby “Riding with Death” / Araabmuzik “Streetz Tonight” / Actress “Senorita” / The Tough Alliance “A New Chance” (Juan Maclean Remix) / Blondes “Pleasure” (Robert Miles Remix) / Bear in Heaven “World of Freakout” / Cut Copy “Lights and Music” (Boyz Noize Remix) / John Talabot “Estiu” / Scuba “July” (outro)

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22nd February 2012

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Mix 10: Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun (A Soundtrack for Space Travel)

In the not so distant future: You are aboard a state-of-the-art space vessel hurtling off into the unknown realms of the universe. The only member of your crew still alive, you are haunted by voices which seem to echo from every dark corner of the craft. More troubling than those, the ship is under constant bombardment from fragments of sonic and audio data being beamed out into space from other ships and planets, remnants of old radio broadcasts perhaps, constantly unfolding into one another so that each small part melds into an ever changing orb of found sound. Suddenly you seem to have found a glimmer of hope in the far reaches of your telescope, the Sun. Its a race against time to try and reach the nearest civilization before the voices, real or imagined, drive you to insanity. So, light your last candles as you preserve vital power resources, dawn your best headphones, and let the speed-of-light voyage wash over you in a thick, psychedelic haze. (Hopefully the Sun’s image is not yet another one of the universe’s many mirages, looping you into a black hole which will bring you right back to where you began). [Download link in title below, enjoy!]

Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun (A Soundtrack for Space Travel) [1:07:51 @256 kpbs]


(intro)Blondes “Moondance” (OPN Sundial Mix) / Boards of Canada “Smokes Quanity” / Pink Floyd “Set the Controls…” / The Present “Space Meadow” / Emeralds “Science Center” / Stars of the Lid “Music for Twin Peaks…” / Animal Collective “What Would I Want? Sky” / Boards of Canada “In a Beautiful Place…” / Mouse on Mars “Chromantic” / Biosphere “Hyperborea” / Gas “Pop #3” / White Rainbow “Major Spillage” / Studio “Life’s a Beach!” / Burial “Ghost Hardware” / Panda Bear “I’m Not” / Aphex Twin “Lichen” / The Orb “Earth (Gaia)” / Boredoms “Newsun #5” / Gang Gang Dance “Dust” / Casino Versus Japan “We Are You” / The Sight Below “Spelentique” / Biosphere “The Things I Tell You” / Telefon Tel Aviv “I Made a Tree on the Wold” / Gas “Zauberberg #7” / City Center “Cloud Center” / (fade return to intro)/

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