The permanent host of the works of R.J. Stefanski, an experimental dark ambient musician from Detroit, MI. Self released nearly 20 continuous mix tapes featuring the best of both contemporary and classic experimental music, with a focus on ambient and indie electronic genres. I also am an avid field recorder, and you can hear my tapes of rain, trains, and all sorts of found sounds in my mixes. Enjoy and I love hearing feedback! All my works are streaming on soundcloud and some for purchase on bandcamp.

Also, a word on my mixes: only brief samples of songs are used, always being tweaked or adjusted in some way by myself, and always presented in ONE long, continuous track. I am NOT giving away anyone’s music, if you enjoy the sample of an artist in one of my mixes, I urge you to go out and buy the album on vinyl and support the artist. That is the whole reason I am making these!

17th April 2013

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The Retired Cosmonaut [Single w/ free mediafire download]

After debuting on soundcloud for a few days, here is the download link for my new two-part single “The Retired Cosmonaut”. Each track runs for about 9 minutes and incorporates several Spring themed found sounds (birds chirping in my parents backyard), with original instrumentation and samples taken from AM radio broadcasts. The Mediafire link includes both tracks in high quality lossless WAV format, with the album art attached, just click through the title right below!

The Retired Cosmonaut [Soundscape Single Sides A+B, WAV files]

Pass along and enjoy. All sounds and found sounds by RJ Stefanski, 2013. 

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30th March 2013

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Mini Anthology of Ambient [2013 Revised & Remastered Edition]

Mini Anthology of Ambient (For Cameron) [2013 Edition]

(click on title above to be directed to soundcloud)

My second mix, which originally was released over 2 years ago, is now streaming in a remastered and revised form. Fans of the original will hear a more smoothed out, slightly louder project. I also added two artists who were not on the first: Stars of the Lid, and Marconi Union. All of the details including the full tracklisting, is available by clicking through the link above. Enjoy.

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3rd August 2011

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mix 8: Anchor States (another sleep mix)

            If there is one theme I am likely to return to more than others, it will probably be in the sleep/ambient genre. I listen to music every night as I fall asleep and am constantly tweaking playlists on my ipod in search of the perfect way to doze off. Compared with “Mini Anthology of Ambient”, here you will have to strain a bit more to catch the field recordings: the crickets, waves, ambient mall chatter, cars passing in the rain and more are all there, but hidden in the background as textures so as to never compete with the music for your overall attention. The music here is still largely electronic, but has a much more orchestral feel, heard right from the beginning with Loscil’s “Endless Falls” and continued to the end with multiple selections from Stars of the Lid. Where the first sleep mix was designed specifically for an infant and by necessity had to be beatless, one slowly fades into this mix towards the end of Andrew Thomas’ “I Am Here…” and continues through The Sight Below’s “At First Touch.” Although the “beat” here is more like that of a heartbeat than anything you would hear in a club, elements like this and a few weird drone-y moments may mean this mix will serve some as a chill-out soundtrack better than for sleep. That being said I honestly have had a very difficult time making it through the full 53 minutes without being lulled asleep. A number of pieces were also taken from various Pop Ambient compilations released by Kompakt (artwork above by myself, download link in title below).


Anchor States (another sleep mix) [53:33]


Loscil - Endless Falls & Enthalpy / H.I.A. & Biosphere - Cannon Hill / Tal - Tal’90 / Biosphere - Spindrift / Andrew Thomas - I Am Here Where Are You & A Thousand Pinholes in a Black Paper Sky / Gas - Untitled 3 (Konigsforst) / The Sight Below - At First Touch & Shimmer & Further Away / Ulf Lohmann - Java / Stars of the Lid - Requiem for Dying Mothers, pt.1 & Anchor States, pt.1 & Even (Out)+ / All - Alles Fliesst Nichts Bliebt / also w. Sufjan Stevens, Animal Collective, Manual, and various field recordings / 

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