The permanent host of the works of R.J. Stefanski, an experimental dark ambient musician from Detroit, MI. Self released nearly 20 continuous mix tapes featuring the best of both contemporary and classic experimental music, with a focus on ambient and indie electronic genres. I also am an avid field recorder, and you can hear my tapes of rain, trains, and all sorts of found sounds in my mixes. Enjoy and I love hearing feedback! All my works are streaming on soundcloud and some for purchase on bandcamp.

Also, a word on my mixes: only brief samples of songs are used, always being tweaked or adjusted in some way by myself, and always presented in ONE long, continuous track. I am NOT giving away anyone’s music, if you enjoy the sample of an artist in one of my mixes, I urge you to go out and buy the album on vinyl and support the artist. That is the whole reason I am making these!

15th March 2013

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mix 13: Buried Reefs (a nature doc soundtrack)

A briefer mix while I finish my debut album, “Buried Reefs” is the latest chapter in my ongoing obsession with ambient and drone music. Taking cues from the Boards of Canada school of warped VHS psychedelia, “Buried Reefs” offers a meditative retreat from the chaos of the holidays, layering twinkling synths and drones over brief field recordings and actual narration from vintage nature doc shorts. I would highly recommend this as part of a playlist with some of my previous ambient/downbeat mixes, perhaps as a buffer between “Mini Anthology of Ambient” and “Set the Controls for the…” 

Artwork above created by me, high quality link in title below:

Buried Reefs: Nature Doc Soundtrack (@320) [28:14]

Intro: Blondes “Amber” (Variation in Cm by Rene Hell) + Bibio “Moistened and Dried” / Deon “#05” / Emeralds “Summerdata” / Lone “Koran Angel” + Boards of Canada “a is to b..” + Bibio “The Clothesline and the Silver Birch” / Jurgen Muller “Sea Bed Meditation” / Atlas Sound “Christmas Synths” / Lone “Buried Coral Banks” / Keith Fullerton Whitman “ACGTR SVP” / Gas “Pop 1” / Stars of the Lid “The Atomium: Part Two” / Oneohtrix Point Never “Stress Waves” / Casino Versus Japan “Blue Vacation Part 5” / Outro: Brian Eno “Lux 2” + Blondes “Amber” (Variation in Cm by Rene Hell) + Bibio “Everglad Everglade” /

If you enjoy the mix please support the artists and buy their work, and spread this mix to your friends. Thanks!

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6th June 2011

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mix 3: It’s Very Sunny [EP]

I put in all-nighter to rush this out in time for what was then a rare warm Spring day in Michigan. This is a shorter mix of some of the best sun-soaked indie out there, cut and pasted together to form a brief soundtrack to getting the first sun of the year, going on a backwoods bike ride, or just cruising around with the windows down. Even though I finished this in mid-March, it will only sound better with the more tropical weather we have been getting here over the last few weeks (link in title below, artwork above by me).

It’s Very Sunny EP @192 (23:41)


Caribou - “Sundialing” / Lone - “Cali Drought Wave” / Casino Versus Japan - “It’s Very Sunny” / Bibio - “Under the Pier” / Telefon Tel Aviv - “Introductory Nomenclature” / Tycho - ”Coastal Break” / Boards of Canada - “1969” / The Avalanches - “Etoh” / Air France - “Collapsing at your Doorstep”

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